American Mechanical Inc.

“We have built our reputation on delivering high quality craftsmanship, service,  professionalism, safety and customer service. 

We take care of everything — fabrication, installation, service — all your industrial piping needs.”

Kimberlee Farley – President

American Mechanical Inc. is a Women Business Enterprise (“WBE”) company dedicated to quality craftsmanship and committed to customer satisfaction.  We are a mechanical contractor performing industrial, institutional and commercial installations related to HVAC, manufacturing, fabrication and chemical processing.

American Mechanical Incorporated was founded in 1979 with annual sales volume of more than 10 million dollars.

American Mechanical Incorporated believes the quality and experience of our project managers and field workers which provide us with a competitive edge to complete projects economically, safely and efficiently. This provides the foundation for our business. Our field employees are fully insured, skilled craftsmen.  We are proud of our safety and educational programs and that is reflected in our continuous low mod rate. The commitment from all our workers to follow safety and make it a priority for both the customer and our workers.

Pipe Fabrication

Our fabrication shop is fully equipped to handle all types fabrication projects on the industrial and commercial scale. Our shop can handle all pipe sizes with our state of the art equipment. Our set up in our shop allows for a smooth process depending the job specifications from sand blasting, fitting, welding, inspections, painting etc. With our fabrication shop and our detailers who are equipped with ACORN capabilities it enables us to fabricate with high quality and efficiency.

Systems Installation

American Mechanical handles new installations and modifications of piping systems.

Piping Installation

AMI is well versed in Piping installation on the industrial and commercial scale. American Mechanical crews are experienced and certified welders. Each one of our workers maintain their welding certifications and training certification with the help of AMI officers. AMI maintains a high level of safety standards that all our workers follow as well implement to any subcontractors that work under AMI. Our foremen are well trained to oversee all projects and keep up with all change orders, employees certifications, hours, material and equipment. Our dedication to efficiency shows in our high quality work.